$1,400,000.00 Verdict – Injuries Resulting from Motor Vehicle Accident

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Petrus Madito v. Faridun A. Normukhamedov and Sinai I, Inc.

In this action, the plaintiff driver of a yellow taxicab, age 40 was struck head-on by the defendant’s 2-3 ton ambulette van.  The defendants conceded liability in their opening statement; and the case was tried to the jury on damages only. The plaintiff asserted that he was wearing his seatbelt and lost consciousness immediately after the motor-vehicle accident, and complained of immediate pain to right dominant hand and wrist, as well as cervical spine pain. The plaintiff maintained that as a result of the accident he underwent surgery of his right hand. The plaintiff claimed that because of his injuries he has been unable to sit for long periods of time, and this has greatly impacted his ability to work as a taxi driver. The plaintiff further asserted that he cannot lift heavy objects, can no longer play soccer, and needs assistance with activities of daily life. The plaintiff maintained that he will permanently suffer symptoms that include back pain, neck pain, numbness in his right thumb, and will require constant monitoring and possibly further surgery.

The defendant was not available to testify.

The plaintiff claimed that he will continue to suffer from low back and neck pain, along with decreased functionality of his right hand. The plaintiff testified that he has not been able to return to his normal work schedule since the accident.

The jury awarded $1,400,000. The award was allocated as follows: $300,000 for past pain and suffering, $500,000 for future pain and suffering over 30 years, $100,000 for past medical expenses, and $500,000 for future medical expenses over 30 years.

The jury verdict was 6-0.  The jury deliberated for approximately 3 hours.

Demand Prior to Trial: $1 Million.

Offer Prior to Trial: $85,000.00.